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London Botox Trends in 2019 – ‘A Natural Look’

Londons natural botox trendLondon Botox Trends in 2019: The world of injectable aesthetic treatments has come far in recent years. Gone are the days when a ‘one size fits all’ approach really makes the grade for the discerning patient. They are no longer happy to accept the ‘wind tunnel’ or frozen look when it comes to anti-wrinkle treatmens, or Botox® injections, as they are now aware that this doesn’t need to be the case. People are looking for a more natural approach.

This couldn’t be more true for skin savvy Londoners who want to look revitalised and youthful but without the ‘over-done’ appearance, so synonymous with poorly administered, ‘cheap’ Botox.

In 2019, London Botox clinics are stepping up their game, and right at the top is Dr Dan Dhunna.

Dr Dan – The London Botox Expert

Dr Dan Dhunna is an absolute expert in the field of injectable anti-ageing treatments for subtle glamour with maximum effect. With many years’ experience in administering an array of injectable substances and at the cutting edge of new techniques to maximise the effects of Botox for a naturally beautiful complexion, Dr Dhunna has fine-tuned the art of cosmetic enhancement using this, the most popular substance for anti-ageing injectables.

Dr Dhunna is not only a medical professional with extensive insight and a deep understanding of facial anatomy, but he is a cosmetic artist. This enables him to correct imperfections of the face in the same way that Michelangelo was able to perfect a priceless work of art.

Slight touches and ‘whispers’ of product in exactly the right places, enhances, revitalises and rejuvenates the face using Botox injections, without freezing or distorting the facial features.

The London Botox clinics ran by Dr Dan are

Advanced Botox – for the natural look

Dr Dan Dhunna is also an expert in Advanced Botox and for discerning London fashionistas, this could mean the difference between ‘cosmetically enhanced’ face and a ‘perfectly enhanced’ face. Such Botox treatments never look overdone, and Dr Dhunna’s patients regularly comment that their friends “didn’t even know they’d had anything done!”, meaning he has achieved what he set out to do.

Advanced Botox is not an expertise that many medical professionals can achieve – it takes years to train and perfect the techniques required to administer these treatments correctly. Dr Dan Dhunna is a master of these techniques due to his many years as a cosmetic artist and medical professional.

Advanced Botox treatments can be administered for both men and women, but require very different techniques as the anatomy and required appearance vary greatly between the two.

Advanced Botox techniques include treatment for the following concerns:

• Axillary Hyperhidrosis (Armpit Sweating)
• Bunny Lines
• Lipstick Lines
• Eyebrow Lift
• Asymmetry
• Chin Dimpling
• Lifting Mouth Corners
• Nefertiti Jawline lift
• Platysmal Neck Bands
• Lifting Droopy Noses
• Correcting Gummy Smiles and Mouth Asymmetry
• Cheek lines
• Square jaws and Teeth Grinding

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