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Lip trends in 2019

lip trends 2019 with Dr Dan DhunnaThe lips are a gateway to our youth and vitality. They are sensual objects of desire and are one of the first facial features that someone will notice when they glance at us. As we age, vital substances within the skin deplete, causing the lips to become thinner, less voluptuous and in need of revitalisation. Growing trends for having the perfect pout mean that more and more women yearn for a solution to fine lines and wrinkles as well as loss of volume in this area, so they can radiate confidence and elegance once more.

The rise of lip fillers

Models, TV stars and actresses have been greatly responsible for the rise in popularity of a plump and rounded lip shape. Lip enhancement is more common than ever.

It’s important to realise that although this trend can look amazing when created by a highly-skilled, medical practitioner with a wealth of experience in augmenting the lips. Many unscrupulous non-medics are causing not only disappointment with sub-standard practices, causing less than favourable results – they can cause damage to health and the long-term appearance of those who are led down this dangerous path.

With this in mind, it’s vital to seek out the most educated and artistic mind and the most skilled hands, when it comes to rejuvenating your precious face.

Dr Dan Dhunna’s Lip Enhancement

Augmenting the lips with injectable substances such as hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and even the famous wrinkle-smoothing Botox® can produce stunning results.

Dr Dan Dhunna performs a myriad of specialist techniques which have been honed and perfected by this fully-qualified medical practitioner and can be offered from his prime locations in Harley Street, Stratford Upon Avon and Solihull.

Dr Dhunna has developed a range of treatments to include only superlative, researched and proven products such as Juvaderm by Allergan and Belotero® by Merz Aesthetics.

However, Dr Dhunna does not stop at injectables alone…

Non-surgical treatments to enhance lip fillers

Dr Dan is so passionate about producing exquisite lip shapes for all his discerning patients (who include celebrities, members of royalty and fashionistas from all over the globe) that he has introduced the use of other non-surgical treatments to further enhance this most expressive and noticeable area of the face.

This means taking care of the mouth area, also known as perioral mouth rejuvenation.

With Dr Dan Dhunna’s wealth of expertise and innovative techniques, skin tone, texture and elasticity can be improved by the use of chemical peels, medical microneedling and dermal-airbrushing techniques; perfect for those who are simply looking to enhance and improve the shape they already possess and a step-up treatment for those who have experienced injectable treatments with Dr Dhunna but want to take their treatment to the max, for the most noticeable and stunning results.

The deepest hydration can be experienced with not only the use of HA in a dermal filler but with platelet rich plasma (PRP), which harnesses your very own elixirs contained within the blood for a total skin healing and hydration experience.

The Dr Dan Experience

Prior to any treatment with Dr Dan Dhunna, he will conduct a full consultation with you to determine the lip shape you are looking to achieve and to advise you on how he feels your treatment journey should be taken.

It may transpire that what you thought you needed for a plump, beautiful lip shape may differ from what he advises as a medical and artistic expert. However, you can be confident that Dr Dan Dhunna will advise you on the most effective treatments to achieve your goals and will bring you those results that you’ll adore.

Perfecting your lips is an investment in time and trust, as well as your hard-earned money and Dr Dan Dhunna will use his expertise, passion and skills as an aesthetic perfectionist to bring you confidence in your beauty and peace of mind that you have chosen nothing but the very best for yourself and for your face.

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