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Facial rejuvenation combined treatments for the older woman

facial rejuvenation for the older womanIt’s a necessary evil that we age, or is it?

So many of us go through life accepting the afflictions of time, not knowing that we could reduce so many of its symptoms. However, the human body is amazing and can respond in positive ways to anti-ageing treatments if we decide to take this route. Dr Dan Dhunna offers a holistic approach to the treatment of skin ageing, so that he can deliver excellent results to his discerning patients, time and time again.

As we get older, we may need more than just one particular treatment in order to fully-enhance our facial structure, form and skin tone and texture. Bone and tissue loss as well as skin degradation can all take their toll on our appearance, confidence and self-esteem.

This is where Dr Dan Dhunna can perform miracles, from his clinics in Harley Street, Solihull and Stratford Upon Avon. His unique vision as a facial artist as well as his highly-honed skills as a fully-qualified medical professional give him the tools he needs to be able to offer you beautiful results that will stand the test of time.

The London Lift

The London Lift® is a fully-holistic, bespoke, tri-dimensional non-surgical face lift which has been performed on CBS network’s primetime TV show ‘Inside Edition’.

This no-knife procedure is perfect for those who wish to fully-rejuvenate and remodel their skin but do not wish to take the surgical route and who also want to remain looking naturally beautiful. This unique system combines only the most advanced injection techniques using Botox® in the upper, mid and lower face and this is something that only the most experienced and prolific experts such as Dr Dan Dhunna can achieve safely.

Advanced dermal fillers such as Juvaderm Voluma are also used to recontour the face and to add volume to areas which are lacking in a youthful appearance. Deep hydration therapies are added on to this combined treatment, as well as dermal threads to lift, sculpt and remodel the facial tissues, encouraging collagen and elastin production so that the skin begins to work on its own to become stronger, more toned and more resilient to the ageing affects that life can inflict.

This multi-layered technique can result in full-facial remodelling along with skin tone improvement for considerably dramatic results.

Combining peels with injectables

As well as The London Lift®, Dr Dan Dhunna can offer dermal peels, to resurface the skin and to address conditions such as fine lines and wrinkles, acne, dry, dehydrated skin and pigmentation caused by over-exposure to the sun.

A cocktail of specially chosen, naturally derived acids are applied to the skin in varied strengths and potencies. Dead skin cells, dirt and debris are swept away, revealing a glass-like smoothness and a fresh, clear and clean complexion. Dermal peels can be used as a stand-alone treatment or an addition to The London Lift® for superlative results.

PRP Facials

PRP is another hugely popular treatment which uses the body’s own elixir, contained within the blood to trigger its own tissue regeneration process.

Commonly known as the ‘Vampire facial’, PRP works by taking a sample of the patient’s own blood, then separating the platelet rich plasma from the red blood cells in a centrifuge and then injecting this ‘liquid gold’, back in to the areas of concern. Over time, the growth factors within the PRP regenerate, heal and rejuvenate the skin, assisting with skin degradation as well as helping to alleviate dark circles around the eyes.

Dermal Airbrushing – A Dr Dan Signature Treatment

Dermal Airbrushing™ is a unique treatment which has been developed exclusively by Dr Dan Dhunna in his Harley Street location. This treatment utilises the benefits of PRP and combines this with proven treatments such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin cocktails, as well as amino acids to rejuvenate, revitalise and remodel the skin.

These powerful substances are administered with a Dermapen medical microneedling device to reach deep down within the dermis (the skin’s ‘hub’ of activity) so that you are not only benefitting from the proven properties of PRP but are also creating a ‘healing response’ by means of collagen and elastin production within the skin, with the Dermapen treatment.

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With Dr Dan Dhunna’s extensive expertise and artistic flair, you can achieve the youthful and vivacious skin appearance that you had years ago. His range of bespoke, tailor-made skin remodelling treatments will leave you glowing with a natural beauty you’ll adore.

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