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“Cheap is not Chic” Only go to trained experienced Drs not beauticians!

Mother-of-three is rushed to A&E after a ‘botched’ at-home filler treatment leaves her with lips like ‘raw sausages’

A mother-of-three described how she was taken to A&E after fillers left her lips looking like ‘raw sausages tied together on her face’.
Leona Omalley, 24, paid a beautician £180 to come to her home in Wigan, Greater Manchester, and inject her lips in the hope of improving her pout.
But her lips started stinging and eventually became so sore she had to phone an ambulance.

Harley Street cosmetic doctor Dr Dan Dhunna commented on this story which featured in the Daily Mail and the Manchester Evening News. Dr Dhunna said:

“Cheap is not chic. You don’t search for fillers like you would a bargain in the sales.

“It’s all about quality of product, quality of experience and training by a medical practitioner.

“There needs to be longer awareness, aftercare support and reaction of those patients with complications.

“They need to be able to deal with complications or be able to refer onwards in a very swift manner.

“These treatments should not be performed by non-medical people, they should not be performed by beauticians.”

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