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PDO Thread lifts the instant non-surgical facelift


As we age, the negative effects of gravity begin to work their “unwanted magic” on the face. As collagen and elastin depletes in the skin, we can loose that taught, youthful look and start to experience jowls, sagging in the neck and cheeks and drooped eyelids. However, it may not yet be appropriate to undergo invasive, facelift surgery and many of us seek an alternative to such an intrusive and dramatic procedure.

What is a PDO Thread lifts ?

Fortunately, there is a revolutionary and innovative, non-surgical approach to combating the early onset of middle age effects to the face. PDO (Polydioxanone) threads are becoming more and more popular as an effective treatment for sagging and loose skin in all areas of the face and body and Dr Dan Dhunna is one of the UK’s leading experts on this exciting procedure. Already extremely popular in the Far East including Korea and Japan, these threads have been used in medicine for sutures (stitching) for over 30 years and are a fully dissolvable product, safe to use within the body.

The threads are inserted in or under the skin using a needle, which replicates the “acupuncture” technique where the thread is carried within the needle and “deposited” under the skin. The unique feature of PDO threads is that they create significant amounts of collagen leading to stronger more revitalised skin. The thread dissolves over the course of a few months and leaving behind the results of the collagen production: smoother, tighter and lifted skin.

PDO threads usually need to be applied in multiples to create a “lattice” effect to create collagen and produce the “lift”. However, they are extremely versatile in their use and areas such as drooping brows, saggy cheeks, jowls, corners of the mouth, neck, décolletage and even around the eyes can all be treated with this method with much success.

What Types of PDO Thread lifts are available

There are 3 types of PDO threads: Simple monofilaments which create skin rejuvenation perfect for around and under the eyes and neck, spiral screw threads that can lift areas as the corners of the mouth and nasolabial folds and barb (cog) threads which actually capture loose skin such as the jowls and lift them away, restoring a tight jawline. In addition Dr Dan Dhunna is a handful of Doctors trained in 4D PDO barbs which have the added benefit of not just being stronger and engaging more lift but also are used with a cannula rather than a needle thereby reducing risks of bruising and swelling.

The PDO Thread lifts procedure

The procedure is not painful for most patients, however in some cases a topical anaesthesia can be applied for an hour before treatment, thus numbing the area to be treated, completely. Or a light local anaesthetic can be employed to the entry zone. Treatment time is dependent on how many areas are to be treated but can be as little as 30 minutes.

Downtime with this treatment is minimal, however, Dr Dhunna will advise on sensible post procedure conduct and care upon consultation and following treatment.

The effects of this treatment can last up to two years and PDO threads can be used in conjunction with wrinkle smoothing injections and fillers to create a comprehensive and extremely satisfactory result for those not wishing yet, to take the surgical route to a more youthful, fresh and naturally beautiful result.

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