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Dr Dan Dhunna Talks About Choosing a Botox Doctor

Dandhunna-FINAL-Oct15Over the past fifteen years, wrinkle smoothing treatments, more popularly known as “Botox” have become increasingly popular. Although many practitioners are highly qualified and experienced, the demand and lack of regulation have opened the door for many non-qualified and non-medical practitioners to offer the treatment.

Practiced by the right person, wrinkle smoothing injections can provide the line free look that we crave, making us look youthful and fresh; giving us the confidence to face the world feeling our very best.

Choosing the right Botox clinic and doctor can be confusing and it is vital that you ensure that you choose someone with the right qualifications and credentials and that specialises in this treatment.

Dr Dan Dhunna has been dubbed “The Michelangelo of Botox” by the BBC due to his extensive expertise and knowledge on non-surgical rejuvenation and his artistic eye and prowess for detail. Not only is he a highly skilled cosmetic doctor but he also works with the leading manufacturer of Botox, Allergan-a worldwide pharmaceutical company that produces the original and authentic Botox product.

Now a successful Harley Street Cosmetic Doctor, Dr Dhunna started off as a highly qualified GP who graduated from the renowned Imperial College School of Medicine, University of London in 1999. He is also an artist, with a flair for creating natural beauty in every patient that he sees. The term “less is more” could not be more true in the case of facial injectables and Dr Dhunna understands that the individual facial structure must be studied, respected and enhanced in order to give the best and most results possible.

Dr Dhunna is passionate about his craft and specializes in all things injectable such as BOTOX, facial fillers (Juvederm) and PDO threadlifts. Some specialists will undertake facial injectables as a “sideline” to other procedures and consider this a fast and easy way to make money. Dr Dan Dhunna has made his work and career from this specialty and is proud to offer only approved and tested products to his patients.


The issue of patient safety must never be overlooked in any surgical or non-surgical procedure. You would not go to a high street store and expect couture quality. Similarly, why would you take the chance with your facial appearance and safety by going to someone who is neither correctly qualified or experienced in the procedure? Selecting a fully qualified medical practitioner at the helm of his craft is vital, not only for the results but for your wellbeing as a patient and you can be confident that Dr Dhunna has the expertise, history of beautiful results, care and attention to all his patients that has earned him the reputation he now proudly upholds.

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