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Best Lip Filler London

Best Lip Filler London

Best Lip Filler London

Best Lip Filler London

Discover London’s best lip fillers procedure The lips are a key focal point of the face, so it’s important that you feel happy with them. Traditionally, full, plump lips are viewed as the epitome of youth and beauty, however the ageing process can cause lips to lose their natural volume and definition.

For those looking to achieve fuller, younger looking lips, Dr Dan Dhunna’s Harley Street clinic is the first choice for London’s best lip filler procedure. To achieve the best results, Dr Dan Dhunna uses Juvederm dermal fillers, made by Allergan who are also the makers of BOTOX as well as products in the Belotero range from Merz pharmaceuticals. Both ranges are popular worldwide and are FDA approved in the USA and CE marked in Europe.

Dr Dan Dhunna knows that when performing a lip enhancement, it is important to listen to what the patient wants and work with them to create bespoke, natural looking results. He will also consider the overall symmetry of face to ensure that the lips will be balanced with the other facial features and won’t look out of place or unnatural.

What products are used for the best lip filler London?

It is important to only use Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers as these are temporary but long lasting and are reversible by using a dissolving enzyme, thereby giving control to the procedure and avoiding the trout pouts of the past!

Juvederm Ultra Smile is the original filler of choice for shaping the lips and replacing lost volume, whereas Juvederm Ultra 4 is a thicker product that delivers more stability to the lip and mouth area. More recently Juvederm Volbella has become a popular choice amongst Dr Dan Dhunna’s London patients who are looking for definition and shape. This revolutionary lip filler from Allergan creates results that can last for up to 12 months, and it has a much lower down time than other lip fillers as it is applied using a very fine needle and causes less swelling. For a stronger result and more lift Juvederm Volift can also be used with exceptional results.

Another option is Belotero from Merz pharmaceuticals. Belotero Balance is a popular option for a subtle result and is popular amongst older clients as well as those looking to smooth out the fine “smoker’s” lines around the mouth. Beletoro Intense is used where more volume and pout is desired and gives a natural look avoiding the “Duck-Lip” look.

All Juvederm and Belotero dermal fillers have built in painkilling lidocaine anaesthetic to make the procedure as pain free and comfortable as possible.

What results can be be expected from a lip filler procedure?

Dr Dan Dhunna prides himself on providing high end bespoke treatments – each patient is treated as an individual and their results will look natural and suit their natural facial structures. Dr Dan Dhunna offers a variety of lip enhancements, all resulting in natural looking outcomes. He works with a range of lip shapes which act as a guide to help create the best results possible. The four main shapes that he offers are; classic, supermodel, butterfly and goddess. Each style focuses on slightly different things, to ensure the the enhanced lips look as natural as possible.

Regarded as one of the UK’s leading cosmetic doctors and the best Botox and Cosmetic doctor in London, Dr Dan Dhunna is in high demand with patients seeking lip enhancements. Those who visit his Harley Street clinic know they will leave satisfied. The clinic offers patients a discrete location where they can expect the best quality treatment.