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Best Cheek Filler London

Best Cheek Filler London

Best Cheek Filler London

Exploring London’s Best Cheek Filler procedure

The cheeks can be considered as one of the key focal points of the face. With this in mind, it’s vital that they are in proportion with other facial features to ensure a beautiful and symmetrical look.

One of the most common factors to prevent this from happening is ageing, which can cause skin around the cheekbones to sag and lose definition. Those who want to restore volume and definition to their cheeks should consider a treatment at Dr Dan Dhunna’s Harley Street clinic, which is widely considered to be one of the best in London. To achieve the best results, Dr Dan Dhunna uses Juvederm Voluma – a market-leading product manufactured by Allergan that enjoys an excellent industry reputation.

Before proceeding with treatment, Dr Dan Dhunna evaluates the facial symmetry of each patient in question, to ensure that the cheekbones compliment the rest of the face in a naturally pleasing way. He will also listen to each patient’s expectations, ensuring they match with the reality of what is achievable.

What products are used for the best cheek fillers in London?

Juvederm Voluma is the product of choice for Dr Dan Dhunna’s cheek filler treatments in London. It’s a specialist product that enjoys a superb industry reputation and is approved by the FDA in the USA. Once applied, it has a high lift capacity that is very strong yet doesn’t look overdone. It also has built in lidocaine anaesthetic making the procedure even more comfortable whether used with a needle or a micro-cannula.

Like other Juvederm products, it produces fantastic results that look and feel natural, soft and smooth. It’s especially effective for sculpting the appearance of the cheeks, restoring mid-face volume, improving temple contours, while restoring definition to weak chins and jawlines. In addition to amazing lift results, this product has great durability, lasting up to 2 years.

What results can be expected from a cheek filler procedure?

Dr Dan Dhunna has built a superb reputation through providing bespoke treatments that suit the individual requirements of his patients, matching the natural look of their facial structures. Each cheek filler procedure with Juvederm Voluma produces an exceptionally soft finish without lumps and bumps. Dr Dan Dhunna is well regarded for his natural artistry when it comes to cheek filler procedures. Restoring volume and definition to the cheeks is one of his signature treatments, which is backed up by hundreds of positive patient testimonials.

Regarded as one of the UK’s leading cosmetic doctors and one of the the best cheek filler doctors in London, Dr Dan Dhunna is in high demand with patients seeking cheek enhancements. Those who visit his Harley Street London clinic know they will leave satisfied. The clinic offers patients a discrete location where they can expect the best quality treatment.