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Dr Dan discusses Simon Cowell’s Changing Face


Dr Dan Dhunna talked to Naomi Greenaway for the MailOnline article “Can Simon Cowell’s head get any bigger? From chiselled youth to fleshy-faced mogul, we look at the changing face of the X Factor supremo.”

He discusses the cosmetics treatments and factors that could be behind the music mogul’s ever-changing appearance. The difference between Simon’s appearance now and when he first appeared on the X Factor in 2002 is startling. So what might be causing this puffiness?

‘Let’s be frank. The first and most obvious factor is that he’s put on weight. He’s aged, he’s over 50 and it shows,’ says Harley Street cosmetic doctor Dr Dan Dhunna. Although admittedly, at 55, the music mogul is looking pretty good.

‘I’ve met Simon several times – backstage at X Factor a few years ago and at charity events – and, gosh, his face has really changed since then.’

‘It looks like he’s had fillers in the cheek area to try and improve the contours and lift the lower face but as a result he looks a little unnatural and too cheeky,’ says Dr Dhunna.

‘In my opInion some celebrities, like Melanie Griffiths and Madonna, have over-filled their faces in the cheek area and I think he’s fallen into that trap,’ he continues.
‘Men generally have flat faces with only a little bit of a cheek bone. Unfortunately some cosmetic doctors don’t understand the artistics between male and female face and they inflate the male face like it’s a woman’s.

‘So you get these round cheeks like Simon’s, which doesn’t work on a man because it looks abnormal,’ he adds.

Dr Dhunna also points out that Simon’s large head is caught in a vicious cycle. ‘He’s been very vocal about having Botox treatment but the problem is, if you have treatment over time, the forehead maintains smoothness but the rest of the face loosens, which can look quite odd in comparison. This perpetuates the need for fillers in the cheek area.’

According to Dr Dhunna, Simon’s sun habit also means he’s more likely to keep needing fillers. ‘You always see pictures of Simon on his jet ski in Barbados but all that sun exposure is robbing the skin of collagen and elastin, which makes it loser so the tissues sag more. So when you try to improve that with fillers, the cycle continues.’

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