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Dr Dan Dhunna in the Daily Mirror


Dr Dan Dhunna answer questions about food and weight loss in the Daily Mirror Newspaper.

How can I eat five-a-day if I’m trying to reduce my calorie intake?
Dr Dan Dhunna advises that high carb fruits such as bananas, plums, pears, mangos and kiwi fruits, should be eaten in the morning.
“They give the body a much-needed boost after fasting overnight and jump-start your digestion,” he says. Citrus fruits and berries also help with digestion. One study, carried out by John Hopkins University in the US, showed that increasing the intake of grapefruit in the diet led to an average of 20lb weight loss over 13 weeks.

Can I have one “cheat day” a week?
The good news is yes according to Dr Dan Dhunna. “Although there sudden shock to the dieted body of ‘cheat foods’ can throw off the metabolism, if the diet continues in the earnest the next day any negative effects on the diet will be minimal,” he says.
“This can be further supported by a post-binge day high-impact cardio workout to burn off any extra calories.”