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Cosmetic Procedures: Does The Media Give Them A Bad Name?

January 2014
Dr Dan Dhunna was recently interviewed by Carly Ratcliffe for her blog THE CUPIDS BOW. Read the article here

Cosmetic Procedures: Does The Media Give Them A Bad Name?

Embarrassing Bodies. Botched Up Bodies. “I Can’t Believe I Did It To Myself” Bodies. OK I made that last one up, but you know what I’m talking about. Those cosmetic procedure documentaries that we all love to watch whilst squinting from behind a cushion, shaking our heads in horror and asking ourselves “why oh why would you EVER inject cooking oil into your face?!” or suchlike. Well yes, why would you inject cooking oil into your face unless you were considering serving it up for dinner with a side of mashed potato? That’s just ridiculous! And then there’s the ladies who go ahead with “back alley boob jobs” at bargain prices and expect to walk away with pert, voluptuous breasticles… but instead are left with boobs that resemble soup at the bottom of a carrier bag. Helloooooo?! What did you expect? These are extreme examples of what are supposedly called “cosmetic procedures”. But they’re not really are they? They’re just downright deluded people.

The problem is these “procedures” are being exploited in the media and as a result are tainting the name of perfectly safe cosmetic treatments performed by fully qualified surgeons and doctors all over the world. The key word there being “qualified”. What we seem to be forgetting is that these programmes are DESIGNED to shock us. It’s television, you know, entertainment? Yes unfortunately these procedures do happen and go wrong… But what about the thousands of procedures that are successful every day and in return boost patients’ self-esteem and confidence? As you can probably tell I am all for these treatments if it is going to make someone feel better about themselves. Life is about being happy is it not? So therefore I strongly believe that anyone considering going under the knife (or needle) ignore these programmes that scream “YOU’RE GUNNA WALK AWAY FROM THIS WITH A THIRD BREAST!!”. You are not. I assure you. Unless you had one before.

I’m sure this would be a lot more convincing if it came from a professional and not my motor mouth. And I have just the person! Known as “The Michelangelo of BOTOX”, Dr Dan Dhunna is an Advanced Cosmetic Doctor & member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine and the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Based in Harley Street, London and with clinics across the Midlands, Dr Dan Dhunna has performed over 20,000 procedures and boasts a celebrity clientele. He is regularly featured in glossy magazines and television including BBC1, Sky and Channel 5 and has appeared on prime time US television. He’s kindly put together a piece for me which I hope will reassure everyone that with a fully qualified and experienced surgeon or doctor, cosmetic treatments can be safe and fulfilling.

drdandhunnabotox_new“The vast majority of people are very happy with the cosmetic work that they have done and those considering cosmetic enhancements should not be put off by scare-mongering by the media. Cosmetic procedures can be life enhancing events. I often see changes in self esteem and confidence in my patients. Women that have remarried after years of being single. Men that have finally got that promotion. The key to success is understanding and respecting that these procedures are indeed medical, no more so than appendectomies or contraceptive implants.

Of course all medical procedures have what’s called a “background risk” – a known list of potential and recognised side effects. All injection procedures can cause some redness or potential bruising and all operative procedures carry the risk of scarring and infection. In themselves these are not reasons to avoid. Everything has to be taken in context. I believe very strongly in something I have coined ”the triangle of cosmetic success”:

1. An appropriate and high end product or service
2. Delivered by an experienced, trained and reputable medical practitioner in a medical environment
3. To a fully informed, consented and appropriate patient.

Cheap is certainly NOT cheerful and good doctors DO NOT need to discount!

Botox is a premium product for instance and a prescription only medicine. If its offered cheap and especially in a non-medical environment (e.g. a hair salon) by someone who is not a doctor or prescribing nurse then the red lights should go on! Equally having fillers in a shed or converted garage should raise eyebrows, as should bargain bucket boob jobs! Research the doctor or nurse. How long have they been performing these treatments? Is your surgeon on the GMC specialist register? Make sure you have a medical consultation with the person who is going to be performing your work and ensure you are given plenty of time to think about it. Most importantly ask questions – LOTS of questions! And if your gut instinct is telling you something isn’t quite right then trust it. Cosmetic medicine and surgery can be very life rewarding but prospective patients must do their research.”

Ya see?! Dr Dan Dhunna has laid it down plain and simple. There is no reason to be sceptical of cosmetic work AS LONG as you take the time to research the ins and outs. Check out his website here where he offers a range of treatments and follow him on twitter @drdandhunna.