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Dr Dan in Curvaceous Inc

August 2013
Dr Dan Dhunna was interviewed by Curvaceous Inc. Read the magazine here.


Beauty and Science: Meet the Michelangelo of BOTOX in London

By Jules Cardozo-Marsh. 

Working in the beauty industry you come across a lots of products that claim to hold back the years, some work but most do not. The only thing that can really stave off those wrinkles seems to be  BOTOX, it’s certainly something that I have considered, but having seen some terrible examples in the press, it’s important to make sure you get a qualified Doctor to administer it so, I headed to Harley Street to find out more…

With Lord Sugar investing in a BOTOX® business on TV’s “Apprentice” I wanted to find out about the treatment that is accessiable to everyone. So who better to talk to than the man known as “The Michelangelo of BOTOX® and the Da Vinci of Dermal Fillers”; Harley Street Celebrity Cosmetic Doctor, Dr Dan Dhunna.

Jules Cardozo-Marsh “So Dr Dan, why DO they call you the “Michelangelo of BOTOX®?”

Dr Dan Dhunna  “Well I believe in treating women (and Men) very individually. This is a bespoke artistic medical treatment, many don’t understand that and that’s why you get bad results like Mr Spock eyebrows, trout pouts and pillow faces”


JCM “So how does BOTOX® work?”

DDD “The muscles of the face pull the skin in certain directions. Over time this constant movement causes wrinkles like crows’ feet or frown lines. BOTOX® relaxes these muscles and therefore the movement and the lines.”

JCM  “So what about the frozen face?”

DDD “My results are recognised as being artistic and natural. If injected correctly after a proper assessment of the patient’s face, BOTOX injections can give women a pleasant, rested look. That’s my aim.”

JCM “But it’s a poison right?”

DDD “Actually no, its derived from the Botulism germ in much the same way penicillin is derived from mould. It’s very safe-There are over twenty registered medical uses such as in migraines and spasms of the eye. It’s even used in children to treat conditions like cerebral palsy.”

JCM “And dermal fillers?”

DDD “They are made of Hyaluronic Acid, which is a sugar based molecule naturally present in our skin  as well as in our eyes and in our joints. They are designed to plump the skin, lifting loose lax tissue, smoothing out lines and enhancing lips as well as strengthening jaws and building cheekbones. I only use temporary dermal fillers like Juvederm and Restylane. These can be dissolved away if need be, unlike permanent fillers like Silicone which can cause problems.”

JCM “So is it expensive?”

DDD “BOTOX and dermal fillers like Juvederm are premium products.

Expect to pay at least £200. I would always ask to see what’s being injecting into your face. Many salons offer it at discount deals. It may not be the real thing or could be watered down or even counterfeit!

JCM “So getting it done in a salon is wrong?”

DDD “Well, it’s certainly not ideal. BOTOX is a prescription only medicine and Dermal Fillers are medical devices. In the wrong hands you can get catastrophic results. There has been a Government review recently that aims to tighten this industry. Going to a trained, registered, experienced medical doctor, working in a clinical environment is the right route.”

JCM “So before we go, are you allowed to tell me any of your celebrity clients?”

DDD “Ha Ha, patient confidentiality!! But yes it’s nice to sit in a cinema and see your work on the big screen!”

I would like to thank Dr Dan Dhunna for allowing me to visit him at his private practice in London Harley Street and interview him in between treatments.

Dr Dan Dhunna can be found at 10 Harley Street, London with clinics across the Midlands and Essex 0844 815 8455