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Awards season Glamour

“For the Awards Season, I am seeing more and more actresses etc asking about treatments that would soften the look of their tired hands and decolletes which are always on show on the red carpet.

Treatments such as “Radiesse” Dermal filler, is a unique filler that instantly restores lost volume to the hands but also contains a collagen stimulator called Calcium Hydroxyapatite which continues to build collagen in the skin of the hands for many months after the initial injectable treatment is carried out. This creates a natural volume replacement which can last for upto 15 months, avoiding the dreaded veiny “Madonna Hands” look”

“There is also much call for a very gentle hydrating filler by the makers of BOTOX and Juvederm, called “Juvederm Hydrate” made of Hyaluronic Acid.

This is can be injected with very short fine needles, in the skin of the neck down to the clavicles and be swept along the decolletage giving deep hydration to these tissues, helping to improve crepey and lined skin as it binds 1000 molecules of water for every molecule of Juvederm Hydrate!

You may require 3 treatments, each a week apart for maximum effects.

It can also be used anywhere in the face-and as its unique in that its hydrating rather than filling or lifting, can be used in younger or older faces to give a natural, radiant boost rather than a puffy, full effect allowing better light reflection and for makeup to sit better.”

“Another very recent breakthrough (just out in the last week o so!) which I’ve had a lot of call for, is the new Hyaluronic Acid Lip Filler “Volbella” (again from the makers of and Juvederm).

This is unique as its based on patented Vycross Technology, which gives lips a very defined edge and exquisite soft natural lift (no chance of a trout pout!) but without the normal swelling that can be attributed to lip fillers. The other great thing about Volbella is that it lasts for 12 months and then naturally breaks down! (other lip fillers would ideally give a maximum of maybe 4-6 months at a push)”