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New Rules for BOTOX® Prescribing

play-by-the-rules-newBOTOX® is a Prescription Only Medicine and patients must ALWAYS see the Prescribing Doctor FACE to FACE before treatments. However this does not always happen and with the increase in nurses performing these procedures in salons, many of whom cannot prescribe, patients health was being put at risk.

Prescriptions were being acquired for a fee from Doctors, Dentists and Nurses for use by non prescribers. This is called Remote Prescribing and has been frowned upon by all medical councils for a long time.

However, loopholes still allowed it to happen and so as of July 2012 following an undercover BBC report into the workings of a particular Doctor in London the GMC (General Medical Council) has formally issued a statement making the Remote Prescribing of BOTOX® and other cosmetic medicines including dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm ILLEGAL.

The NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) and the GDC (General Dental Council) also agreed and supported the GMC in this statement. The Doctor exposed in this report was suspended from practising medicine for 18 months!

Furthermore this exposed the dark underbelly of BOTOX® and Dermal filler trade in the UK, where unfortunately treatments such as BOTOX® is being injected by Beauty therapists, Podiatrists and even Vets potentially putting patients health at risk.

A new European Standard called CEN is being drafted which will ONLY allow Doctors to inject BOTOX® and other Cosmetic Injectables across the Whole of Europe safeguarding patient care.

Dr Dan Dhunna is a registered member of the GMC, Member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine and a trained GP with nearly 10 years in the cosmetic industry having performed over 20 000 injectable procedures.

Patients have always had a FACE to FACE consultation with Dr Dan Dhunna ahead of any treatments abiding with the GMC standard on Cosmetic Prescribing.