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Dr Dan Dhunna “Where Science Meets Art”

alt=26 February 2012

Dr Dan Dhunna is this months coverstar for Focus Magazine – the leading publication for Stratford Upon Avon and Chipping Campden, Cotswolds.

Entitled “Where Science Meets Art, The Michelangelo of BOTOX® speaks to Focus Magazine”

Cosmetic Treatments: WHERE SCIENCE MEETS ART

Having recently returned from the Golden Globe Awards in LA, it certainly looks like things are changing in Hollywood!

There are fewer stretched faces and crazy eyebrows to be seen. In fact the onus is now on “Natural Glamour”, such as Jennifer Aniston or Halle Berry.
But if you think that A-list Stars have stopped having cosmetic treatments, think again! The look is now soft rather than stark, and the needle is now the new scalpel. More importantly this very trend is being set by us over here in the UK and Europe!

I have long championed “Le Look Natural” -Trout Pouts and Pillow Faces have never walked out of my clinics! And with ever increasing technology we now have an arsenal of products and treatments that give patients an effortless, consistent and long lasting effect.

I prefer fillers from Allergan, the international market leader and makers of BOTOX®. “Juvederm® Ultra” is soft, smooth, giving beautiful lift to folds and lines and “VOLUMA®” can be used to sculpt the most beautiful cheekbones and jawlines and restore lost volume to the mid-face. Although long lasting (Voluma can last for 18 months!) both are completely reversible if needed.

But that doesn’t mean that anyone can or should be injecting them. BOTOX® is a prescription only medicine and fillers are medical devices. They should only be used in experienced, trained medical hands.

I strongly believe that this work is 80% Art and 20% Science. Learning the science is one thing, but a good doctor must have the right aesthetic eye and that is something that cannot be taught! At school apart from Sciences, I studied Art and Fashion and constantly work with models and photographers today which have sharpened and developed my skills further- no wonder the BBC christened me the “Michelangelo of BOTOX®“!