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Dr Dan Dhunna “Michelangelo of BOTOX®” in the Cotswolds

Shop Cotswolds Guide – Spring/Summer 2012

Meet the Michelangelo of BOTOX®

‘Looking Good means Feeling Good’ says Dr Dan Dhunna, Harley Street Cosmetic Doctor and Celebrity Favourite who is now available for consults and treatments in Chipping Campden.

Known as the “Michelangelo of BOTOX®“, and featured in magazines and TV shows in the UK and Abroad; Dr Dhunna’s artistic expertise in such wrinkle busting techniques has acquired him an army of fans that stretch from housewives to celebrities and royalty. Many of whom travel from abroad for his aesthetic eye.

Believing in a Natural Look, Dr Dan Dhunna treats his patients as individuals. “The face ages in many ways and the assessment process is vital in delivering the best to each patient. This is especially important in dealing with men who often end up looking feminised when going to less experienced practitioners.”

“Treatments are no longer about chasing lines. The whole face must be looked at in three dimensions which requires a detailed knowledge of anatomy and artistic skill and experience.” BOTOX® is a brand name for a prescription only medicine when injected into areas such as crow’s feet and frown lines creates a softening of these expression lines leading to a more relaxed look, making people feel more confident about themselves. Dr Dhunna is so skilled, he can even use this wonder-drug in the lower face and neck!

Licensed in over 80 countries for conditions such as muscular spasms in children, migraines and armpits sweating, BOTOX® has been used safely for over 10 years with millions of successful treatments. It is now officially licensed for cosmetic use in the UK and Dr Dan Dhunna is at the heart of this new chapter as he has been awarded the prestigious title of “Country Ambassador” for “Allergan” the international market leader and manufacturer of BOTOX® and the Juvederm Range of Dermal Fillers.

Juvederm Ultra is made from Hyaluronic Acid which is an inherent part of our eyes and joints and also naturally present in the skin. “As we age, loss of Hyaluronic Acid in our skin leads to it becoming thinner and more lax” adds Dr Dhunna. “Replacing this loss with Juvederm Ultra lifts and smoothes the skin, improving wrinkles and folds.” Lasting 12 months, it has built in anaesthetic and can even be dissolved away if ever needed giving patients confidence and control in the way they look. Typical areas of concern are nose to mouth lines, droppy mouth corners and lipstick lines. It can also be used to define lips, adding volume without the risk of a “trout pout”. Dr Dhunna is such a wizard with this product that he can even improve hollow temples and sunken eyes widely known as “Tear Troughs”. In addition, Dr Dhunna is excellent at administering a specialised version of the Juvederm range called “Voluma” which he injects painlessly with a micro-cannula, an advanced technique that reduces bruising and swelling.

Lasting upto 18 months,”Voluma” restores lost volume in the cheeks and mid face that occurs as we age or through loss of weight. It is also used to enhance cheekbones and chins. Combining these techniques he can perform a 3D Non Surgical Facelift called his “London Lift™”.

Dr Dan Dhunna can be found at 10 Harley St, London and at locations throughout the Midlands.