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Dr Dan Dhunna Cheek Treatment with Voluma – Reviewed

Oct 26, 2011

Dr Dan Dhunna’s Cheek Treatment using VOLUMA Reviewed on Look Your Best UK Plastic Surgery Forum

“Dr Dan Dhunna is like an artist when he injects you.. I dont even get my husband looking at me the way he does!! (LOL) Hes such a perfectionist, and very very gentle. Apparently hes known as “the Michelangelo of Botox” and he’s treated heaps of celebs. I’m glad I found the right guy!

I was quite nervous at first though and he put me to ease, but then I saw the size of the needle and I panicked but he said that he wouldnt be using that needle and it would be using either smaller needles or something new called a micra cannula which doesnt bruise as often.”

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