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Dr Dan Dhunna in “Zest” Magazine

March 2011
Dr Dan Dhunna discusses “New Body Rules” for treatments of the neck area in leading UK Women’s Health and Lifestyle Magazine

Do you treat your neck to the same skin care as your face?
Research carried out by Clinique last year shows that the skin on your neck is actually more similar in structure to that on your body, which means that a quick slick of your usual moisturiser just won’t cut it. ‘The neck has fewer sebaceous glands thanthe face and its underlying muscle support is weak, making it especially prone to sagging and other damage; says leading dermatologist Dr Dan Dhunna. ‘Rather than work your face cream down, use a product specially formulated for the decollete and work it up. And choose a formula that’s rich in skin-strengthening hydrators and antioxidants:

Dr Dan Dhunna discusses "New Body Rules" for treatments of the neck area