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Dr Dan Dhunna in “Good Housekeeping” Magazine

January 2011
Dr Dan Dhunna is the featured Cosmetic Doctor in “DIY vs Salon” in January’s edition of Good Housekeeping Magazine


Botox®, from £280, and Juvéderm® fillers, from £250 with Dr Dan Dhunna at Court House Clinic in Brentwood Essex (0845 555 5050;
To relax Christine’s frown lines and soften her crow’s feet, Dr Dhunna treated them with Botox®. He feels that if only the upper face is treated that it can look too obvious so he also gently softened Christine’s nose-to-mouth lines using Juvéderm® Ultra®. The filler has anaesthetic built in and should last a year or so.

‘I am anti-cosmetic surgery and Botox®is a halfway house to me, so I was very nervous but it was quick and painless and gave a good result. My face is a bit tight where I had the injections, but it certainly doesn’t feel frozen. The filler in the lines from my nose to mouth didn’t hurt as the area was numbed with cream – it just felt a bit like a session at the dentist. It has softened the lines and, the more I look, the more pleased I am!’

Dr Dan Dhunna is the featured Cosmetic Doctor in "DIY vs Salon"