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Dr Dan Dhunna in “Focus” Magazine

February 2011
Dr Dan Dhunna discusses his latest trends including his Non Surgical Facial Makeover using “Juvederm® VOLUMA” from the makers of BOTOX® in Stratford Upon Avons leading regional magazine


As a GP and Advanced Non-Surgical Cosmetic Specialist, I often get asked whether the recession has hit the industry. The answer is always “No “.

Having just returned from the International Master Conference on Ageing Skin (IMCAS) in Paris I can confirm worldwide, that the demand for Non-Surgical cosmetic treatments such as BOTOX® and Dermal fillers like Juvederm® Ultra and Sculptra® are higher than ever!

Even more interesting is the greater diversity of people opting to have these quick, safe and increasingly longer lasting treatments. When I started in this industry, the patients were mostly middle aged ladies who lunch who wanted that stark Hollywood look. Things have certainly changed! Gone are the days of the wind tunnel look and the trout pout. I am now seeing many more twenty and thirtysomethings, who are looking for soft refinement or treatments for prevention of lines and wrinkles. Older ladies, who want to look refreshed rather than stretched; and with the rise of fashion icons such as David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, the increase in men of all ages looking to maintain and enhance their looks. Also with increased competition in the workplace, more men of a slightly higher age group seeking treatments to make them look less tired and more approachable for promotion. An interesting statistic I have seen is the demand from people of both sexes recently divorced or single, looking to increase their chances of finding new partners! In fact studies have found that such treatments make you look and feel happier and more confident about yourself! Treatments have also changed significantly. Rather than just using wrinkle relaxing treatments such as BOTOX® to help iron out strong frown lines, forehead creases and crows feet in the upper face, they can now be used to treat droopy corners of mouths, lipstick lines, popply chins and in advanced hands tighten jawlines in a specialised technique called the ” Nefertiti Jowl Lift” named after the famous Egyptian Queen. And let’s not forget the powerful effect it can have on reducing sweating from the armpits-a godsend for people that suffer terribly from this condition as well as a must for my celebrity clientele who don’t want to be seen with embarrassing wet patches on their designer frocks on the red carpet!

Dermal Fillers have long been used to improve the nose to mouth lines and enhance lips, but now loss of volume in the face is the big concern for many people , giving a drawn, tired and haggard look. This traditionally could only be treated surgically but now to counter this, I specialise in NonSurgical Facelifts using fantastic volumising fillers such as the amazing “Juvederm® VOLUMA” which can lift cheeks, reshape chins and restore the contours of the face. This Doctor-only treatment can last for 18 months and like everything in the “Juvederm® Range” of dermal fillers is potentially reversible giving patients confidence and control of their treatments.

There is also this trend for less is more. Smaller, more artistic injections to create a softer, smoother effect. So results look so natural that people don’t even know that you’ve had work done! Something I’m very fond of creating and the reason why people call me “The Michelangelo of BOTOX®” !

Non surgical facial makeover trends