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Dr Dan Dhunna in “Cosmetic News”

February 2011

Dr Dan Dhunna’s participation on BBC1 “Weakest Link” is discussed in the UK’s Largest Cosmetic Trade Publication


Midlands based aesthetic practitioner Dr Dan Dhunna is to appear as a contestant on BBCl ‘s Weakest Unk as part of a special ‘Body Beautiful’ episode, which has already been filmed and will be broadcast later this year.

Dr Dhunna. who has his own company Skin ETC with clinics around the midlands and also works with Courthouse Clinics. was amongst other contestants whose claim to fame sits within the ‘body beautiful’ industry and media. Speaking about acid-tongued host Anne Robinson. Dr Dhunna said “Anne was a litt1e probing and fierce. but I used my charm offensive to soften her up, she was very nice! I met same very interesting people and one very famous person whilst filming the episode and it was great fun!” 65-yeor-old Robinson has admitted to having had Botox® as well as a face-lift five years ago. which cost her the price of ‘one and a half Hermes bags’. When asked whether he thought Robinson has had any recent youth boosting treatments. Dr Dhunna said, “I didn’t get that close to her as she stands behind the quiz master’s lectern, with great authority, so I couldn’t possibly comment,other than she looked very well and healthy in the flesh!”

Dr Dan Dhunna's participation on BBC1 "Weakest Link" is discussed