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Dr Dan Dhunna featured in UK’s Largest Evening Newspaper


10 February 2010

Dr Dan Dhunna was featured in The UK’s largest evening regional newspaper, the Express and Star regarding wrinkle reducing treatments for men.


Rob Ballard may turn a few female heads with his smooth good looks – but the 24-year-old admits he has a bit of help from Botox.

Rob says that, as a model, having the treatment actually saves him money as he no longer needs to pay to get photos in his portfolio airbrushed.

Now the treatment has been labelled ‘Boytox’ due to the increasing number of men wanting to brave the wrinkle-eradicating injection.

Almost one in five cosmetic surgery patients are now men, with city bankers spending their bonuses on ‘Boytox’ treatments to get rid of their wrinkles, a new report has showed.

Britain’s males are recognising the increasingly tough jobs market means personal appearance is more important than ever and are prepared to emulate women by turning to cosmetic surgeons for help in slowing down the ageing process.

Self-confessed Botox-loving male celebrities, including X-Factor judge Simon Cowell and chef Gordon Ramsay, may have paved the way for the rising new trend.

Rob, from Parkfields in Wolverhampton, says he decided to have the treatment after his mum Sue gave it a try.

“First of all me and my sister Peggy took the Mickey out of my mum but then we found out that quite a few men and women we knew were giving Botox a go,” says Rob, who has been modelling since he was a child.

“I work in an industry where I have to look good and I wanted that air-brushed look to my skin.

“Women want to look good, but men do as well.”….

….”People see pictures of celebrities , like Katie Price, who have had a lot of BOTOX®, but you choose how much is injected depending on the effect you want,” says Rob. of Cartwright Street, Parkfields.

“As a model I want that airbrushed look but I can’t crease my forehead or wrinkle my nose – which is not good if you are an actor or have a public facing job”

Figures from the Harley Medical Group reveal that 2009 saw a continued rise in the number of male patients – up to five percent.

Dr Dan Dhunna, who is a GP and a cosmetic practitioner, said “I get people coming in to see me in their teens because they want to use it as a preventative measure so they won’t have to have fillers”.

Dr Dan Dhunna in 'Boytox' story

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