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Dr Dan Dhunna featured in “Asiana” Magazine

Autumn 2010
Dr Dan Dhunna discussses Medical Home-care Devices in the UKs leading Asian Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine

Grooming Gizmos

Spas and dermatologists have been using electrical appliances to treat all sorts of beauty concerns for decades. Recently, these professional machines have been miniaturised for home use, allowing you to treat issues from unwanted hair to acne with advanced technologies such as light emitting diodes (LED) and lasers, in your own space. But do they deliver? According to Dr Dan Dhunna Advanced Harley St Cosmetic Doctor, these gadgets certainly have a place in the market, but they must be looked at with caution. ‘Home use machines can be useful for managing various issues like acne and skin rejuvenation, but they are less powerful than their clinic counterparts. But if you’re unwilling or unable to go to clinics or beauty salons and, as long as you have realistic expectations it’s a good concept’, says Dhunna. ‘If you’re considering purchasing one, seek out an experienced clinician to talk you through correct usage.’

Dr Dan Dhunna discussses Medical Home-care Devices