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Doctor has BOTOX® down to a fine art

Spring 2011

A West Midlands based doctor has been nicknamed the Michelangelo of BOTOX® on television for his work with the rich and famous.

Dr Dan Dhunna talks to Cathy Spencer

Everyone knows that BOTOX® can help prevent lines and wrinkles, but the powerful toxin can actually be used to sculpt someone’s face to near perfection. So a wide jaw, uneven eyebrows, squinting and drooping cheeks can all be corrected with the controversial injection.

Dr Dan Dhunna has become such an expert with the wonder drug that when he recently appeared on TVs The Weakest Link he was nicknamed the Michelangelo of BOTOX®.

Dan, who has a clinic in Sedgley and one in Bridgnorth, regularly travels across Europe to visit the rich and famous who call on his expertise. He recently treated Lisa Appleton and Mario Marconi who starred in Channel 4’s Big Brother. And he has also appeared on the Vanessa Show on Channel 5 and featured in a number of magazines including Zest and Good Housekeeping.

“In the past BOTOX® has been seen as a lunch-time job that is quick and easy, but people need to remember that it is a medical treatment” he says.

Botox expert Dr Dan Dhunna


“Anyone interested in having it done needs to go to someone who has had the proper training”. Dan says that more women aged between 25 and 45 are coming to see him for has has been nicknamed “Blackberry Botox. A lot of people find they are developing premature wrinkles from staring at their smart phones” he says. “I’ve noticed a difference over the past 18 months in my clients’ faces – it’s the constant peering intently down at the mini screens.”

However, Dan says that it is his way of being able to sculpt the face that has led to him being nicknamed the Michelangelo of BOTOX®.

“You find that if a woman’s jaw is wider than it should be, it is usually because they clench or grind their teeth”, he says. “By relaxing the muscles around the jaw you can see it becoming narrower and more feminine. Also, one client came to me because her eyebrows were too high, which made her look like she was always surprised. So I relaxed those muscles to give her a more natural look.”

Dan, who runs the Skin Etc, was also one of five judges in last year’s Miss Great Britain competition where he crowned Miss Wolverhampton City. “I find that BOTOX® does effect people – it boosts their confidence and has helped some people get jobs when they are in their 40’s and 50’s that they didn’t think they would get,” he says.

One of his regular clients is Lisa ….

…Lisa who, lives in Birmingham with her partner Martin and has a 14 year old son Zac, says she started having BOTOX® done six years ago.


“I had always had lines on my forehead, even when I was resting,” she says. “When I was 34 I was a single mum and it was hard to go back out into the dating scene. “Being around other younger people in their 20’s I started to feel more conscious of my age and noticed the crow’s feet.” Lisa decided to take the plunge and have BOTOX and says she is really pleased with the results. “Now looking at my before and after photos, I can see the lines on my forehead and I’m astonished at home much they have diminished,” she says. “Also, I’ve had BOTOX® around my jaw to make it narrower as I’m prone to clenching my teeth. I had comments from people saying that I looked fresh-faced and as though I had been on holiday, so it gave me more confidence.”