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Silhouette Soft Thread Lift

Silhouette Soft

Also known as the “Puppet Lift”, this is a unique DOCTOR ONLY procedure consisting of “Bi -Directional” cones attached to gentle but firm threads, both made of the proven collagen producing ingredient Polylactic acid (PLA). The threads and cones are manufactured in the USA, and the threads have been used successfully all over the world since their introduction in the Asian market in 2010.

PLA has been used for decades in medicine especially in the production of sutures(stitches) and in orthopaedic devices and is similar to the component used in the Sculptra volumising filler.

The Procedure

The area to be treated is cleaned and marked out. Small injections into the skin are made with a little local anaesthetic and the threads with the attached bidirectional cones are introduced and guided under the skin along the section to be lifted

Depending on the area of the face that requires tightening, various different paths can be taken, and more than one particular thread may be required.
Unlike previous barb based threads, the PLA cones in Silhouette Soft attach to the underside of the skin without tearing or ripping the tissue to produce a firm hold, allowing the Doctor to tighten the threads and thereby compress and elevate loose tissue.

Any excess thread is simply cut flush to the skin without any tying or visible stitches with the cones holding everything inside in place.


What happens next?

As the skin and subcutaneous tissues are fed and compressed along the thread by the doctor, an immediate elevating lift is seen. It may only be subtle to begin with, however over the following weeks and months an amazing collagenic reaction occurs as the PLA threads and cones stimulate the body to produce collagen. This creates a contraction and tightening effect in the skin treated leading to the elevation of the tissues and the lifting effect.

How long do results last?

The PLA threads and cones in Silhouette Soft are naturally but slowly broken down by the body but the produced collagen remains. It is estimated that results can last 18 months to 2 years but this is dependent upon individual lifestyles.

How long does the procedure take?

The average treatment can take about 30 minutes, depending on the number of threads or the extent of the lift that is sought.

What is the downtime/aftercare?

Everyone and every treatment is different. Some swelling and bruising is likely and the skin is likely to look a little rouched immediately afterwards as its been compressed along the thread.

Most people find that this effect lasts only a few days and then the skin smoothes out.

And so a few days off work may be appropriate for you.

Is is important to avoid makeup for 24-48 hours, do not undergo and dental treatment or facials for 2 weeks, preferably sleep on ones back and avoid any contact sport.