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Cheek and jawline filler – Harley Street

The ageing process offers many changes to the facial anatomy. The loss of muscle and fat tissues, degradation of bone mass and depleted moisture and tone of the skin can all take their toll on our appearance. The sum of these occurrences can mean sagging cheeks and jowl formation. From his beautiful cheek and jawline filler clinic in London’s Harley Street, world-famous for being the hub of UK cosmetic and plastic surgery , Dr Dan Dhunna offers temporary, non-surgical cheek and jawline augmentation using injectable dermal fillers, to restore lost volume and create a more youthful-looking facial appearance.

What are facial fillers for the cheek and jawline?

Facial fillers are gel-like injectable substances of various thicknesses that contain a substance called hyaluronic acid (HA). HA occurs naturally within the body and is found in the eyes, connective tissues, joints and the skin. As we age, HA starts to deplete, this can lead to the degradation of other vital components of healthy skin, namely collagen and elastin.

What happens during a cheek and jawline treatment using dermal fillers in Harley Street?

After a consultation at Dr Dan Dhunna’s Harley Street cheek and jawline filler clinic, to discuss your requirements, medical history and to ensure you are suitable for dermal fillers, a topical numbing ointment can be applied to the specific areas of the face, to be treated, Dr Dhunna will, in most cases, use a cannula (a blunt ended needle, designed to reduce swelling and bruising, following treatment) to inject appropriate amounts of the chosen dermal filler. After the treatment you will see results straight away. However, there may be a period of slight swelling and a little bruising for a couple of days afterwards, so expect your optimum results to be seen once this subsides.

HA fillers such as Juvederm Volume & Juvederm Volux can be injected at various levels of the cheek and jawline to create projection, shape and contour. Alternatively collagen stimulating filler such as sculpture, Radiesse and Ellanse can also be used where appropriate. radiuses produces a crisper result and may be more suitable for male jaw enhancements for example.

How long do results from facial fillers for the cheeks and jawline last?

Results on average can last anywhere between 1 and 2 years. If you take good care of your skin, avoid excessive exposure to the sun and refrain from certain lifestyle choices such as smoking, your results will last longer than if you do not take care of your skin and general health. Once the doctor has worked his magic, it’s then up to you to continue his good work by maintaining your results with a healthy diet and good skincare regime.

Dr Dan Dhunna’s cheek and jawline dermal filler clinic in Harley Street

Harley Street is globally renowned for housing some of the world’s finest aesthetic facial artists. It has been noted since 19th century for its large number of private specialists in medicine and surgery. Based in the central London province of Marylebone and a 5 minute walk from Bond Street and Oxford Street tube stations, Harley Street was named after Thomas Harley who was Lord Mayor of London in 1767.

Travelling to and from Harley Street

Road access if simple, with easy access from the M25, M1 and M4, leading in to the city. Parking tends to be easy around the vicinity, with an NCP car park on Cavendish Square and many pay-by-phone parking spaces in the surrounding roads and streets. Both Bond Street and Oxford Street are on the central line, which runs through the very heart of London from west to east. Regents park is on the Bakerloo line, Warren street – the Northern line and Kings Cross St Pancras is a short Piccadilly Line tube ride away. Black cabs in London are in abundance, famous as an attraction of the city and you can find taxi ranks at each major station, if you prefer not to get the tube, as well as on most of the busier roads in London.

Great shopping is within a 5 minute walk and Selfridges, John Lewis and Debenhams are located on London’s famous Oxford Street. If you would like to travel a little further, why not try the Westfield shopping centre? Conveniently there is one at each end of the central line, both in Shepherd’s Bush and Stratford, each boasting a convenient tube station close-by. Bars, restaurants and historical monuments are all within reach and you cannot walk far before you spot somewhere to dine, have a coffee or simply relax either before or after your treatment.