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How much do dermal fillers cost in London?

London dermal filler costIf you have been considering a dermal filler treatment, either in London or any other part of the UK, you might have wondered why these treatments’ prices can vary so dramatically.

Dr Dan Dhunna offers a range of dermal filler treatments in Harley Street, London, and other UK clinics. He only uses the very best FDA-approved products, using innovative and well-documented techniques with both traditional needles and cannulas (blunt-ended needles). However, not all cosmetic professionals offer the same prestigious and professional service and some, shockingly, aren’t medically-trained, either!

There are literally hundreds of medical and non-medical practitioners performing dermal fillers in London alone; some are excellent, and others leave a lot to be desired. You might have seen online voucher offers or beauty therapists conducting ‘parties’ where groups of patients come along to have multiple filler treatments in one evening. We would highly recommend that you think hard about whether this is a safe option in these instances or not.

You must consider a dermal filler treatment as a serious procedure that can have very negative consequences if you choose someone who is not medically trained and is not highly experienced in what they do.

When you choose a medically qualified practitioner to administer your dermal fillers, you’re paying for many years’ education, countless training seminars, visits to overseas countries to research their craft and learn from some of the world’s leading experts in dermal filler treatments.

You will also be paying for FDA-approved, high quality, superior-grade products that are recognised for their efficacy, longevity and safety. This is what you receive when you choose Dr Dan Dhunna, one of the world leaders in the practice of cosmetic medicine and with over 20 years’ experience, you will know you are getting the highest quality, safest procedure in a clinical environment.

Dr Dan Dhunna’s London clinic is based in Harley Street, world-famous for being the hub of historical medical excellence since the 1700s. The location offers a reputation for providing medical expertise at its most prestigious, with only the very best in their class, able to practice from such a high-profile location. Therefore, when you visit Dr Dan Dhunna’s Harley Street Clinic, you will be receiving treatment that is in a league of its own.

Dr Dan Dhunna will advise you on the amount of dermal filler you will require for your treatment, in a no obligation consultation, and our dermal filler pricing is transparent and easy to navigate and can be found on the Price Guide section of the website.

When you consider a non-surgical cosmetic treatment, we urge you to think more about the quality of the treatment and the practitioner’s expertise rather than obtaining the cheapest deal or an online voucher offer. When it comes to your precious face, don’t take any risks. Enlist the services of a globally renowned expert such as Dr Dan Dhunna, keep yourself safe and know that what you have chosen is of the highest value at a fair and reasonable price.