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Dermal fillers – Bridgenorth, Shropshire

Injectable dermal fillers are anti-ageing substances that require no surgical intervention and can achieve significant facial rejuvenation and augmentation. At our clinic in Bridgenorth, Shropshire, close to the A458 and River Severn, Dr Dan Dhunna administers thousands of dermal filler treatments every year to his loyal patients. Dermal fillers can treat volume loss, asymmetry, lines and wrinkles and facial hollows. The loss of substances such as collagen and elastin can mean skin sagging, dehydration and skin ageing. Dermal fillers utilise a substance called hyaluronic acid, contained in a viscous gel, which aids the rehydration of the skin tissues and the assisted production of collagen and elastin for a youthful complexion and sculpted facial contours.

To book your appointment call 0208 168 0268

Why choose Dr Dan Dhunna for your dermal filler treatment in Bridgenorth?

Dr Dan Dhunna is a medically-qualified aesthetic practitioner has been administering dermal fillers for over 15 years. His extensive medical experience means that Dr Dan Dhunna offers the safest cosmetic procedures in a fully regulated, clinical environment. Dr Dan Dhunna also insists on using the most superior products, which are only available to medical professionals. This ensures the purity of the product for your ultimate safety and proven results. Your face is one of your most precious assets Dr Dan Dhunna will treat it as such, taking in to consideration your full facial anatomy, creating balance and symmetry of your facial features and only the most natural, beautiful-looking results that will last.

Am I suitable for dermal fillers at Dr Dan Dhunna’s clinic in Bridgenorth?

Dermal fillers can be suitable for patients, varying in age, from 25 to 75. However, before any non-surgical treatment can commence here at our clinic in Shropshire, it’s vital that Dr Dan Dhunna can discuss your individual and unique facial concerns, assess your facial anatomy and skin type and check your medical history, to ensure your ultimate safety and wellbeing. This is why we ask that you attend a no obligation consultation with the doctor to ensure that you will be suitable for dermal fillers and that he will achieve the superlative results that you desire.

What happens during a dermal filler treatment at Dr Dan Dhunna’s clinic, Shropshire?

The facial areas to be treated will be thoroughly cleansed and sterilised using an antiseptic solution or wipe. Then, a topical anaesthetic may be applied, although many dermal fillers now contain an injectable anaesthesia. Once any numbing cream has taken effect, Dr Dan Dhunna will administer specific amounts of the chosen filler via a needle or a cannula ( a blunt-ended needle which helps minimise the risk of bruising). Various techniques will be used and at the doctor’s discretion. Some moulding or massaging of the product may be necessary, to soften and shape the filler to the required shape. The desired effect will be achieved in a matter of minutes and you will be able to return to your daily activities with no clinical downtime. There may however, be some aftercare instructions to follow, in the days after your dermal filler treatment.

Will I see results from my dermal filler treatment straight away?

You will see results from your dermal filler straight away, but you will need to take in to account, that there may be some slight swelling and minor bruising and tenderness for a day to a few days afterwards. This is all normal and can be reduced with an ice pack and using arnica before and after your dermal filler treatment. Optimum results are usually seen at around 2 weeks, after your dermal filler treatment. It is at this stage that you can return for a follow up appointment to undergo any alterations that might be necessary, to complete and perfect your desired outcome. However, this is not always necessary.

How long do results from a dermal filler treatment with Dr Dan Dhunna last?

There are several many factors which can determine the longevity of your results;

• The areas treated
• The dermal filler product used
• Your individual body’s metabolism of the product
• Your lifestyle choices (smoking, sun exposure and excessive cardio exercise can reduce longevity of results)
• Other cosmetic procedures, such as radiofrequency and laser treatments

The expected longevity of your results will be discussed with Dr Dan Dhunna in your pre-treatment consultation. However, we can never estimate this to complete accuracy, so expect the longevity of your dermal filler results to differ from a friend’s or colleagues, everyone is different in how they respond to the treatment and the products used.

To book your appointment call 0208 168 0268